Sitting atop the world.


There is something about the bird’s eye view. There is something about looking down at great structures. A feeling of being above everybody. Above all chores and usettlement, right in the lap of the nature ,watching it in the eye. This feeling in me took me to an old place just a few metres away from our halt. It was about morning and I went out for it. Found that old monastery which had this old wooden porch in the back of it.

It is always a risk sitting on an old wooden porch which looks down to a several hundred feet. But I believed the sunrise would be worth the risk. I checked it’s condition and sat on it. The wood creaked a bit running shocks down my spine. Yet I held on to it.

I was just about getting lost in its serenity that a voice interrupted ! It was a monk !

V : What it is about you travelers that you all are attracted towards danger ?

Me : Pleasure.

V : Well now you know why we are what we are. We all are selfish !

As I sat awe struck, he just turned back and walked away. While I was entering , I saw a small boy in the cold morning drawing water from a fall. I thought Why these monks are what they are? Over Disciplined, Strict and Boring?Which one of us does not like to get up late? But then this small boy is already up and working while most of his contemporaries are deep asleep. But then the monk answered just that.

This photo is from that porch. Rupin pass is a wonderful trek. Its deep, tough to reach but it is only in the wilderness that you account such awesome incidences.. 😍


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