Breaking Stereotypes


Ladkiyan bullet nhi chalaya karti, peeche baithti hai

Girls should not ride bullets, they should sit in the back seat only.

You will often hear things like this and more discouraging stuffs spoken to and about you when you are born a girl in India. India does not love a girl child. My grand mother used to say

 Aurat bistar pe chahiye,  par kokh mein beti nhi.

(Everybody wants a woman in the bed but none of them wants to give birth to a girl.)

Yes I am frustrated of the situation. It is tough very tough here.

Bitten by the travel bug from the childhood , I opted to be a traveler. To convince my parents was the toughest job.I could not and I fled from home.

Now I roam places and all I feel is the peace and all I see is serenity.  I do travel blogging and freelancing for a living. It’s tough though but believe me when you get Nature for lunch and dinner , it is worth it.!

This one is from my Ladakh trip. Bullets are sexy rides.

The Most Amazing Trip I Had 😍

Oh well, I met another bullet rider too. Now we are “Both” on a mission to explore the world.