Coldplay Fixed a Nation.



“Have you ever been to a Coldplay concert?” Sam would always ask this question to every music enthusiast he meets.

The answers were “No” mostly. Others were “What ? Coldplay? What is that?”

Well Nov 19, 2016 changed that. Global Citizen India, hosted the first Coldplay concert and gave ten thousand tickets for free to its members. We Indians love things Free and thus eighty thousand of us flooded their gates that day.

That evening, I saw people cry, tears of joy hearing Coldplay live.

They raised so much money that they could fund the solution of sanitation and child education for over half a million people in India.

The large response made other organizers bring other international singers to India. Unknowingly we all took a small step towards attaining a broader mentality. Welcoming a new culture.

Chris Martin dint lie when he sang

I will try to fix you

Finally Sam has got people to answer yes to his question.